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Caringole Rosé 2022, Domaine la Croix Belle (Languedoc)

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A small southern French dream rosé. Slim, soft, delicately fruity and refreshingly dry. Smells of freshly picked berries, is slightly floral and mildly herbal. Very animating despite the restrained acidity. 

This wine goes very well with salads, spicy dishes and Mediterranean specialties.

Grape varieties  : Syrah & Grenache

Capacity: 0.75 l / alcohol content: 12.5% vol. / allergens: sulphites

Ingredients and nutritional value

Syrah & Grenache


Côtes du Thongue, Puissalicon, Languedoc

Made by

Domaine La Croix Belle, 34480 Puissalicon, Frankreich