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Le Fruit Défendu Rouge 2022, Domaine Magellan, Languedoc (Bio)

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The Rouge, made from the Mediterranean grape varieties Grenache and Cinsault, is a bistro wine par excellence. Sun-kissed fruit, pleasantly unobtrusive, light and vital, hardly noticeable tannins and a lot of drinking flow. Perfect for every day, for a barbecue party and for small snacks.

Capacity: 0.75l / alcohol content: 12.5% vol. / allergens: sulphites

Ingredients and nutritional value

Grenache & Cinsault


Magalas (Languedoc)

Made by

Domaine Magellan, 467 Av. de la Gare, 34480 Magalas, Frankreich, FR-BIO-10